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Workshops on the Move

The Workshops on the Move will be held on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Participants on these tours will be transported to and from each tour stop via charter bus. The tours will take you off-site, away from the Kellogg Center to locations in and around campus and the Great Lansing area.

Tuesday Workshops

Farm to Fork
Have you ever been at a program and been asked about food safety, whether it’s okay to eat non-organic, GMO-based food or whether organic food is healthier? How about questions regarding how animals are treated and how that affects food quality? Agriculture touches everyone’s life and is woven into the education each Extension professional provides, whether that is an agricultural educator working with a producer, a nutritionist working with a family or a youth educator working with volunteers and children. This workshop will provide more information regarding the science-based answers to these important questions. It is designed to provide more information about modern agriculture and processing to educators who are not engaged with traditional agricultural audiences so you are better equipped to answer the challenging questions your clients ask with scientific-based information. In addition, this workshop will expand your resource base of experts so when you have a question you can’t answer or an issue that needs development across the spectrum of MSU Extension you know with whom to connect. If you want to delve deeper into these topics, be sure to register to attend the Farm to Fork session on Wednesday, Oct. 26 from 9:30-10:25 a.m.

Handout from the Tour

Water Systems: A Fresh Look
This tour will take a closer look at how fresh water systems work (both municipal and private well/septic) and how issues, similar to Flint water emergency can arise. The knowledge gained from the tour can be used for programming efforts in communities and on properties struggling with drinking water quality issues. Beginning at the East Lansing Meredian Water & Sewer Authority, a joint venture of the City of East Lansing and Meredian Township, we’ll look at the water supply and quality needs for both communities. This facility produced and distributed more than two billion gallons of treated water to the two communities. Hear from the water treatment lab supervisor (James Houska), who will explain plant operations and demonstrate the plant control board. Participants will see the facility’s well system and water treatment process, and learn more about the filter system, water ponds (reclamation system) and have an opportunity for brief question and answer period. Issues related to lead water pipes will also be addressed, and participants will learn various ways to remediate situations where lead levels in drinking water are high. From there, participants will travel to Lerg Farms, a working cash crop and bison farm in the process of transitioning to prarie for grazing. Participants will explore the design and maintience of well and septic systems and learn more about the limitations and disruptions that can occur with these systems in residential and farm settings.

Handouts from the tour are included below:

An Used Well can be a Monster of a Problem

Buying or Selling a Home

Home*A*Syst - Home Site Assessment

Home*A*Syst - WQ51

Septic Systems EPA Homeowner Guide

MLive Article - Thousands of Failed Septic Tanks across the State Threaten Michigan’s Water…

Well Owner Maintenance Practices


A Guide to Success: 4-H Shooting Sports and Dairy Programs
This 4-H educational workshop features a tour of the Demmer Center with the opportunity to practice shooting. Participants will also learn how to run a successful shooting sports program in their country, and will have the opportunity to shoot. Participants will also learn how to run a successful shooting sports porgram in their county. The second half of this workshop features a tour of the MSU Dairy Farm.  Participants will also receive resources they can utilize in their counties to educate youth about the dairy project area. You will not want to miss out on this amazing workshop filled with many fun and educational resources.             

Wednesday Workshops

Developing Strategic Connections

This workshop will give you a firsthand experience with state government and an opportunity to visit the office of your state legislators. You will have an opportunity to meet with a lobbyist, house and senate staff members, and learn more about how strategic connections can make a significant impact for MSU Extension and your local programming. Take this opportunity to test run your elevator speech and develop the confidence to build relationships with decision makers at all levels. A walking tour of the historic state Capitol will be a highlight of this workshop. If you are attending this tour, you also need to register for the Strategic Connections session on Tuesday, Oct. 25 from ­­­­­­­4-4:55 p.m.

Exploring the Neighborhood
Lansing’s Eastside Neighborhood, which runs from the State Capitol east to the campus of MSU, is home to clusters of diverse people united by a strong social and community bond and replete with examples of mixed-use development, walkable communities, foods hubs and historic preservation that serve as an invitation for individuals, families, young and old to return to urban living. This workshop on the move will visit the heart of the neighborhood, the Allen Neighborhood Center and hear a bit about the rich history extending from the Johnson administration’s “War on Poverty” to today’s push toward sustainable communities. We will look at neighborhood revitalization, social capital, local food and health systems, economic development and housing for all walks of life. We will explore how all of these systems work together to create a place to call home.

Spartan Team Spirit
Each year hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents attend Michigan State University sporting events. This workshop will take you inside MSU’s world class football, basketball and hockey venues. You will learn about how the public can access tickets, group tours, parking and special sporting events. This information will help you better serve the community members who call our county offices looking for sporting event information. In addition, a MSU Alumni Association staff member will join the tour and will talk with the group about how MSU Extension can better connect with Alumni in our communities. This will be an inspiring tour that will re-energize your Spartan team spirit. Go green! Go white!

Superconducting Science
MSU is home to one of the world’s top nuclear research facilities: the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, where particles are smashed at up to half the speed of light. Join the Superconducting Science session for a tour of this world-renowned facility to learn what happens in the rare isotope facility and why. You’ll see demonstrations, hear an introduction to the goals and methods of nuclear science, engage in hands-on activities and take a walk-through of vaults where nuclei are accelerated, filtered and studied.